Thursday, March 8, 2007

First post

Greetings! Welcome to the Wands and Worlds Book News blog. I've added this blog to the Wands and Worlds stable as a way to post announcements of newly released and forthcoming books, as well as new reviews posted on the main Wands and Worlds site. I will continue to post reviews and commentary on my primary blog.

Wands and Worlds is a site covering fantasy and science fiction for children and teens. There are now four main components to Wands and Worlds:

  • Wands and Worlds book directory - find books by author, subject, or series. Many books have reviews and ratings
  • Sheila's Blog - book reviews and other commentary on children's literature generally and fantasy and science fiction specifically
  • Wands and Worlds Book News Blog - this blog. Short posts with news of new and forthcoming books and newly posted reviews
  • Wands and Worlds community - membership site for fans of children's and YA fantasy and science fiction. Chat with other fans and participate in author chats.

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