Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Book Review: The Dirt Eaters (The Longlight Legacy book 1)

New review of The Dirt Eaters (The Longlight Legacy book 1) by Dennis Foon posted by David.

Description: Roan, a boy, has lived a peaceful life in the town of Longlight. Long ago, when the earth was ravaged and nearly destroyed, the people of Longlight sheltered away in a hidden place to practice peace and to make sure some survived. But that peace was their destruction. Roan's life is overturned as a horde of masked strangers find and enter Longlight, and then, they destroy it and kill almost all of it's inhabitants. Roan escapes and is taken in by a strange society called 'The Brothers'... But something strange is going on inside this group, and Roan soon realizes that with Longlight, perhaps the last safe haven was destroyed...
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