Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Book Review: Freewalker (The Longlight Legacy book 2)

New review of Freewalker (The Longlight Legacy book 2) by Dennis Foon posted by David.

Description: Roan's village was destroyed, everyone he knew killed. His sister was taken to the City, and he doesn't know what's happened to her. He underwent many trials and adventures, meeting up with a disease survivor called Lumpy and eventually reaching the town of Fairview, where he met one of the mysterious Dirt Eaters who had helped him through his journey by sending guidance. But Roan hasn't yet found peace- The children in Fairview have been meeting a terrible fate for years, sent away to The City to meet their certain doom. Roan, Lumpy, and the dirt eater, manage to escape with the children and start the seeds of a new town to shield the children and themselves. But Roan begins to become suspicious of his Dirt Eater friend, and it soon seems that everyone has ulterior motives... Meanwhile, his sister, Stowe, has been turned into a celebrity goddess in The City. But soon enough she discovers that she is being used, and plots to escape and wreak revenge on those who had fooled her. Roan and Stowe both struggle in different ways, but betrayal is all around, and both siblings soon discover something strange and horrible inside both of them...
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