Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just released (U.S.): Shadow Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond)

Shadow Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond) by Kathryn Lasky was just released in the U.S.

Description: Publisher description: The silver wolf pup Faolan was born with a twisted paw, a slight defect that caused his wolf clan to abandon him in the forest to die. But Faolan, with the help of a grizzly bear who adopted him, survived. Now he's made it back to his clan as a gnaw wolf, the lowest ranking pack member. The hardships are just beginning. Another gnaw wolf, Heep, is jealous of Faolan and causes him constant humiliation. And then something unthinkable happens. A young wolf pup is murdered, and Faolan is set up to take the blame. To avoid execution or banishment, Faolan must find the true culprit hiding in the clan. He has no allies and no time, but he has an inner strength the clan cannot see--the strength of a wolf raised by a grizzly bear.
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