Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just released (U.S.): The Dragon in the Driveway (Dragon Keepers book 2)

The Dragon in the Driveway (Dragon Keepers book 2) by Kate Klimo was just released in the U.S.

Description: It's been raining for days, and dragon keepers Jesse and Daisy have been stuck inside with their dragon, Emmy. As soon as the rain stops, they are out of the house in a flash. First on their list of things to do? To find out what the villainous Dr. St. George - a dragon slayer in disguise - is up to. But Dr. St. George isn't in his office at the college, and all of his stuff is gone! Jesse, Daisy, and Emmy quickly discover St. George's latest evil plan: to take over the forest and find the magic golden ax that is buried there. To make matters worse, he has also enslaved the mythical beings that are returning to Goldmine City. Can the two dragon keepers and their dragon free the hobgoblins and dryads under St. George's power and return the forest to right?
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