Monday, September 21, 2009

Just released (U.S.): The Fiend and the Forge (The Tapestry book 3)

The Fiend and the Forge (The Tapestry book 3) by Henry H. Neff was just released in the U.S.

Description: It's the day after the end of the world.... With the book of Origins firmly in his possession, the villainous Astaroth now has the power to reshape history at will. Plucking pivotal discoveries from mankind's past, he has reduced the world to a pre-industrial nightmare. But while most humans toil as slaves within four demonic kingdoms, Astaroth allows those at Rowan to thrive in peaceful isolation. Theirs is a land where magic and nature long as none dare oppose the new order. That proves too steep a price for Max McDaniels. Unsure of his place at Rowan and reeling from tragedy, Max sets out to explore the shifting landscape of a world that has been changed beyond recognition. In the course of his travels, he will be forced to become many things: Prisoner. Gladiator. Assassin. But can he become the hero that mankind so desperately needs?
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